StudentRate Guide to Going Green

(Jennifer Quinn )

Celebrities are going green left and right.

Celebrities are going green left and right. Guide to Going Green
1. Introduction
2. Global Warming
3. Ways you can help stop global warming
4. More ways to fight global warming
5. What businesses are doing
6. More things businesses can do
7. Businesses that are using green practices
8. Alternative energy
9. More sources of energy
10. Recycling
11. How you can help at your school

It seems to me like ‘going green’ is the cool thing to do these days. Every tabloid I look at has different celebrities flaunting their green lifestyles or new trendy products on the market that are environmentally friendly. But why, you ask, is the nation thinking green? To understand the importance of going green, you need to understand what has happened to the world and how we have affected the environment.

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