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Get 60% OFF Luminess Airbrush Makeup System. 

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All over the world, people associate flawless skin with being beautiful. Luminess Air effortlessly contributes to that idea.
The Luminess System adds a controlled and flawless finish to the skin that lasts for over 18 hours. It is fast and easy and retains a natural skin tone whether you like light or heavy coverage.

The touch-less application provides less pull and irritation on your face, alleviating a heavy or cake-like appearance.
The Airbrush Makeup System is a well-kept secret by top makeup artists and celebrities.

You can use it on other places of the body, and it quickly removes blemishes and marks on the skin, including tattoos.

Luminess is good for every type of skin and is water based, fragrance free and hypo-allergenic.

Kit includes:
Heiress Beauty System with Professional Stylus, 2 Foundations in Your Shade Range,
plus 1 Airbrush Blush (.25 fl oz), 1 Airbrush Primer (.25 fl oz), & 1 Airbrush Glow (.25 fl oz).
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